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5 Healthy Morning Rituals to Jumpstart Your Day

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Your body is like a battery charge. You wake up in the morning with 100% energy, until you reach for your phone and are bombarded with emails, text messages, and worrisome about rushing to work. Now your body automatically drops down to 80% energy and your day hasn't even started. Maybe it's not obvious, but subconsciously running to your to-do list and social media first thing in the morning is physically and emotionally draining. You can learn to change your energy levels by changing your morning ritual.

There are a few morning rituals that have become an essential part of my morning routine. I've realized that by incorporating this routine into my life my days run smoother, my energy is uplifted, & I am overall much happier. I also find my mind to be more conscious and ready to start my day. What you do in the morning has a powerful and long-lasting impact on the rest of your day. I want to challenge you to slow down your morning and take some time for yourself to practice these rituals!


The first thing I do in the morning is meditate. Meditation has trained me to naturally clear my mind and experience more harmony throughout my day. I do this in my bedroom on a comfortable pillow sitting up right. I start with three sets of 30 breathes with a pause in between each set. Next, I put my hands on my heart and feel the power of strength of my heart while thinking of three things that I am truly deeply grateful for. I then ask for anything that needs to be healed to be healed. Lastly, I sit there in quiet deeply breathing and relaxing my state of mind. This process takes about 10 minutes, however even if you have 5 minutes to meditate I highly suggest you do first thing in the morning.


After meditating, I always take three minutes to write three goals that I want to achieve that day. Once you write down your goals, place yourself in a position of achievement and celebrate that feeling of completion.Visualize how it would look like to achieve your goals for the day. Fully experiencing the feeling of success will help increase your confidence and set you up for success. I can’t stress enough how focusing on three goals a day has helped me start my day on the right foot! You can use a regular journal or even notepad to write down your three goals.


I generally start my mornings with a glass of water, followed by a cup of celery juice. I can’t stress enough how important it is to hydrate after you wake up. This ritual has literally changed my life- keeping my energy levels high and my gut healthy.Water hydrates your body and detoxes toxins that were built up over night. Celery juice is naturally filled with sodium clusters salts, which are cleansing salts that help kill bad bacteria and keep your gut lining strong. If you love your morning coffee, don't worry you can still enjoy your cup of coffee. Just remember to drink a glass of water and celery juice before!


Get active! Walk. Practice Yoga. Cycle. Just do something to get your heart rate up for a bit.

Remember, it's your choice to intuitively love your exercise. I start each day with a 30-60 min workout. This can either be a HIIT workout, going for a relaxing walk, pilates or anything that makes you excited to workout. Even if you only have 5 minutes in the morning to exercise, do some jumping-jacks or a sun salutation. Getting your blood flowing will help wake you up and feeling your best in the morning. By getting your body moving in the morning you will enhance your metabolism while improving your physical and mental energy.


I say this because I hear over and over again about people skipping breakfast. Fueling your body with a nourishing meal first thing in the morning is important for your metabolism, energy levels, and brain. Choosing to eat breakfast will train you to create healthy eating habits. Choosing not to eat breakfast to save 300-400 calories, will result in unbalanced blood sugar levels and lack of appetite control. Even if you are not hungry in the morning, try and enjoy a light breakfast like a piece of fruit to get your appetite going.

I hope these 5 healthy morning rituals to start your day make you look forward to waking up in the morning! If you need to, try waking up a little earlier in the morning (and even going to bed a little earlier in the evening) so you can incorporate these rituals in the morning. Morning self-care should be practiced every day. These 5 healthy morning rituals will help you start a daily self-care routine and help you create easy healthy habits to integrate into your daily life!

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